July 2015

Fantastic to have completed the CD, a true labour of love. Now to try and let the world know….feels a bit like trying to start an old lawnmower – petrol, new spark plugs, and keep pulling.

Big thanks to all the Whanau who helped in ways they might not even have been aware of, and especially Loribelle for her amazing painting. Quite confronting to see all the lines and capillaries recreated in glorious technicolour, but she saw it as “beautiful and striking”, and she’s the artist…

I’m lucky to have friends who are musicians and whose help played a big part in the production, lifting the final mixed CD out of the one dimensional world it is easy to inhabit when doing everything. That includes Tim ‘TimEbandit’ Powles, currently touring the world with The Church, who I managed to pin down for drums and production help, and Phil Hall, whose bass-playing lifted quite a few tracks.

Now to try and get some shows happening.